Erasmus Links

Want to wallow in more about Erasmus and Brooklyn? Here are some web links...

Erasmus Hall HS

EHHS Alumni Association - the official, free site

The Flying Dutchman - EHHS history from the Brooklyn Public Library

EHHS Alumni Archive - free registration

EHHS on Wikipedia

EHHS Alumni - on; free registration

Erasmus Hall and Its Offspring - NY Times article and video

Erasmus photos and videos - from May, 2011

Video on EHHS now

Barbra Streisand sings about Bobby Fischer - in an unusual way

Prep Sportwear - get your EHHS wardrobe here



The Brooklyn Board - for nostalgic (ex-)Brooklynites

Brooklyn on Wikipedia

da Brooklyn Stoop - nostalgia & discussion

Brooklyn 101 - Brooklyn neighborhoods - yup, all about Brooklyn

Forgotten New York - more than you can imagine

NY State Regents Exam - just for fun!